Ben Horsbrugh


Quality Management

Moderator at Breakout Session 2A SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY
Wednesday, 28 September, 11:00 – 12:00 p.m.

Following studies at York University (UK) and Vassar College (USA) Ben Horsbrugh started working in the environmental NGO sector in the UK.  He moved to Germany in 1991 and worked for 15 years in the German organic food sector primarily concentrating on the wholesale and export market, but also working as a consultant to organic processors. Ben joined the German Atlanta Group as organic Marketing Manager in 2005 and then moved within the company to build up and lead the Quality Management department.  Ben is now responsible for Quality Management for the Fresh Produce business of Greenyard Foods, a role which also includes sustainability.

Although social compliance standards play an important role in improving social conditions in fresh produce supply chains, the proliferation of social compliance schemes is putting increasing pressure on producers around the world. Our challenge as an industry is to develop and promote intelligent social compliance strategies which create value and do not merely increase costs.