Nigel Thorgrimsson

Nigel Thorgrimsson


Group Technical & Quality Director

Panelist at the Plenary Session 2C CROPS FOR PROCESSING
Wednesday, 28 September, 11:00 – 12:00 a.m.

Nigel Thorgrimsson is Group Technical & Quality Director of Ardo (a leading European frozen vegetable, herb and fruit business) and the Chair of Ardo’s Corporate Sustainability Committee.

Working in the vegetable production industry for over 20 years, managing growing operations in both Europe and Asia, before focusing on technical management, Nigel combines knowledge from both disciplines to guide the company’s approach in a range of topics – including crop protection and sustainability.


Chairman of PROFEL’s (European Association of Fruit and Vegetable Processors) Technical & Legislative Committee, and vice-chair of the European Agri-Food Chain Roundtable on Plant Protection Products. Nigel has been involved with GLOBALGAP since 2004, initially as a member of the Technical & Legislative Committee, and later as the Chair of GLOBALGAP’s Crop Protection Working Group.


Nigel studied Agriculture and has an MSc in European Food Regulatory Affairs.

There are a number of significant differences in the management and controls of crops grown for onward processing, than the management of crops grown for the fresh market. After years of discussion and trialling of various checklists, GLOBALG.A.P. will soon launch a standard that has been specifically developed for ‘Crops for Processing’. It will then be down to food processors and the market, to determine the uptake and the evolution of the scheme.