Justin Bettey

Justin Bettey


Head of Content & Stakeholder Relations

Panelist at the Breakout Session 2A SOCIAL RESPONSIBILTY
Wednesday, 28 September, 11:00 – 12:00 p.m.

Sustainability individual with 20 years’ experience improving business performance through integrating social and environmental strategies across global supply chains.

Having obtained a degree in Environmental Science, Justin entered into the FMCG, pharmaceutical and electronics sectors, implementing environmental programs. From here he moved to the certification and standards sector, working with various sustainability related subjects. A move to the consumer products sector allowed Justin to work with global brands on their ethical trade programs including training and supply chain monitoring programs.

These various roles have allowed Justin to travel to many parts of the world to see at first hand the working conditions and environmental impacts that both workers and communities experience.

“My aim at Sedex is to continue to support our members and stakeholders on how to ensure workers in supply chains are adequately protected and provided with their ethical rights; yet realising the business and trade needs of a global economy. My philosophy being that both environmental and human rights should be a core and positive function of modern business and not considered as barrier to growth.”