Adam Shaw


Business Journalist

Moderator of the “SUMMIT 2016”
Tuesday, 27 September, Wednesday, 28 September

Adam Shaw is an award winning financial reporter and presenter.

He is one of the best known financial faces on television and radio. He currently presents the BBC World News series, Horizons and has presented many Panoramas for BBC1 and Drive to Buy on ITV1. He is regularly on BBC1’s The One Show and for many years presented BBC2’s Working Lunch.

He has also been the business presenter of the BBC’s flagship news and current affairs programme, the Today Programme, which is listened to by 7 million people every day.

In November, 2011 he won the Financial Broadcaster of the Year Award, presented by the ABI, which represents major investors and insurers.

He has interviewed most of the chief executives of the UK’s biggest companies. His reporting and presenting has won him many awards. In addition to his most recent award, The Plain English Campaign made him their Broadcaster of the Year. He was awarded the Best Broadcast Journalist of the Year by the Association of Investment Companies. His business coverage on the Today Programme won the Best Business Radio Programme award from the Institute of Financial Accountants. In addition to that, he was twice made the Proshare personality of the year for his work in reporting on the world of shares and investments.

Adam regularly speaks at chairs, facilitates corporate events, and consistently receives high praise for his work.