Raphael Fink

Global 2000 – Friends Of The Earth Austria

Project Collaborator: Resource & Sustainability Expert

Panelist at the Plenary Session THE METRICS OF IMPROVEMENT
Wednesday, 28 September, 1:30 – 2:30 p.m.

Raphael Fink succesfully completed his master’s degree of social- and human ecology in Vienna in 2015. During his studies he focussed on resource efficiency, sustainable biomass use and general effects of human actions on global climate change. His work experience as a tutor for socio-ecological methods gave him large insights about existing opportunities for the measurement of sustainability, including for example life-cycle-analysis (LCA). Since February 2016, first in the context of an internship and afterwards, since May 2016, as an official project collaborator, he works in the sustainability team of Global 2000 – Friends of the Earth Austria, a widely known and notable Austrian environmental organization. He works in a LCA-based project with the aim of monitoring and enhancing a more sustainable production and distribution of agricultural products in cooperation with an important international retail cooperative group. In this project he is responsible for all topics related to resource efficiency and sustainable resource use.

Data, resulting from farm-level metrics, represents a major opportunity to monitor, maintain and enhance sustainability in the agricultural sector.